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Our firm is geographically situated in the province of Turin (Italy), precisely in the Canavese zone, famous all over the world for the hot printing of steel and also for the printing of gum. For this reason we are technologically advanced either in the production's systems or in the materials that are to be employed.
Moreover, we have to say that our firm is exclusively specialised for the production of particular items for the fixation of the teeth on earth-moving machines which are produced either with cold printing or whith iron gum printing.

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Our particular items made of gum-metal are produced according to two printing-systems: by injection and by compression.
The gum that we use is composed chemically in a way that after vulcanisation, it guarantees the maximum resistence to the solicitations provoked by the earth-moving machines.

The middle hardness of our gum is 60/70 Short, adopted by us according, to the tests that we have effected on samples of different stongness.

As regards the particular items in metal, that are printed together with the gum, they are worked as follows to obtain the maximum of the adhesion gum-metal: normal sand-blasting, quartz sand-blasting, double painting, polishing and complete check up.
The Caterpillar type's pin are built in steel C.43, then they are degassed.

We are therefore able to obtain a final hardness oscillating between 35 a 40 HRc.The Caterpillar type's ring we built are made of steel 55 Si 8 (steel for springs), so degassed to a final hardness oscillating betwen 35/40 HRc., that guarantees the maximum of the elesticity.   Of course all our particulars dimensionally have been truthfully obtained by the original samples.

we are disposed to examine the designs given us by the customers in order to elaborate particular items not published on our catalogue.

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